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About Björn & Brita Lütke

Björn & Brita have 5 children and 12 grandchildren. They live in as missionaries in Marseille / France since 1992. They are the founders of EPP church, which has several campuses in France and Austria, as well as a bible school and compassion ministries. Brita is leading the counseling ministry of EPP. Björn helps churches and leaders to grow. Björn and Brita are the initiators of the network “Crossing Waves” which brings churches from over 8 nations in Europe and the Mediterranean region. In 2016 the Lord started speaking into their hearts about the Jewish population of Marseille. They started planting a local Jewish church, whose name is Shalom-EPP. Since January 2019 Björn is the leader of BFP IN Israel.

About Eliezer & Anja Muzychenko

Eliezer & Anja Mulychenko live in the region of Tel Aviv. As family with their 3 children they started ministry in 1997. In the year 2005 Eliezer and Anja started a church in the city of Hod Hasharon. Eliezer serves the Lord in evangelism and church planting. In april 2019 they started a church in Petach Tikwa. Munychenkos have a burden for prayer and so they meet every Sabbath in Jerusalem for prayer with the vision to see a movement of the spirit of God in Israel.  

About Steffen Schirling

Pastor Steffen Schirling is a young passionate preacher in the 4th generation of Pastors and is part of the coordination team of BfP IN Israel. At the young age of 15 years, Steffen started, under the leading of his Father, his first church planting in a little town of Germany. Out of this ministry, several churches where pioneered all over southern Germany and hundreds of mainly young Germans were reached with the Gospel.

After Gods tremendous moving in Germany, He called Steffen to preach His word among all Nations. This calling already led him to see hundreds of peoples lives changed by God in more than 25 Nations. The beginning of 2017 God has put the mostly unreached young Israeli Generation on His heart. He believes that this new divine connection will highly blessedly impact all Nations according to Gods promise in Jeremiah 3:17: 

« At that time Jerusalem will be named the seat of the Lord’s kingdom; and all the nations will come together to it, to the name of the Lord, to Jerusalem: and no longer will their steps be guided by the purposes of their evil hearts. »