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We  will  strengthen churches & leaders in Israel.

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The BfP International Network Israel (BfP IN Israel) is a ministry of the BfP with the same values than the German movement.


Together we are stronger. Relationship is a key issue in the kingdom of God. The “BfP IN Israel” will connect churches in Israel and churches within the BfP. Based on this grown relationships synergy will take place, which allows strengthening the churches in Israel so that they will see a healthy development. Healthy churches with healthy leaders will live out the commission of Jeshua in a healthy way.


There are already many prayer initiatives for Israel in the BfP churches. We want to bring faces to the prayers and we believe that the prayer of man will bring forth its fruit. We want to develop and strengthen the prayer-ministry in and from Jerusalem.


We are blessed within the BfP with a lot of good training tools. We don’t want to keep these tools just for us, but pass them on, so that they might be a blessing in the churches in Israel and their development. More than the planed bible-school in Jerusalem (bottom page) we want to bring training to the Israeli churches and leaders, we want to give what we have received.

International Prayer Ministry

Every Sabbath there is a prayer for Israel in our prayer-room in the city center of Jerusalem. We pray in the twentieth floor with a view over the city, for the peace of Jerusalem and that the good news of Jeshua will be taken to the people.

Beside the local believers visitors from all over the world are coming together. We are encouraging international groups to join these times, to make themselves one with us in prayer and to start relationships with the local believers.

Strengthening churches and leaders

We have for several years already a church in Had Hasharon, a suburb of Tel Aviv. Actually, around 45 believers come together to the weekend service. The development has encouraged us to take the next step. We have started a church planting initiative in Petach Tikwa, a town nearby.

Short-term Bibleschool

We have the project to launch a short-term Bible school in Jerusalem. We want to equip leaders for the work in the kingdom of God. The special situation in Israel allows us to bring the studies together with the visit of the historical places of the Bible. You will soon hear more about this project.

Ministry towards the survivors of ghetto and KZ Camps in Nazi times

We have the possibility to serve those man and women who were suffering in the Ghettos and Camps of the Nazis a very practical and loving way. They all are at an advanced age. Regularly we try to help them in their needs. Every year there are less and fewer survivors, which shows us the importance of this practical and spiritual ministry.

You can help us

If you could consider supporting this project to strengthen churches and leaders in Israel, we would be very blessed. You can help us in prayer, giving and going. If you would like to go wit a group don’t hesitate to contact us. If you would like to help us financially you could send your gift to:

Christengemeinde Elim Hannover e.V.
IBAN: DE39 2507 0024 0014 9914 00